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WondersilV Wound Gel 350ml

WondersilV Wound Gel 350ml

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The WONDERSILV AG+4® WOUND HEALING GEL is unique in that it relies on the natural abilities of Silver for the healing properties of this gel. Silver as a natural healer is researched over many years; this unique process made available through using diverse types of silver which is combined in a special process to produce a four-valence silver product (Ag4+®).

The isolated ions are electrically active i.e., “Activated Silver" the silver ion is then added in a special proprietary process to petroleum jelly BP, mineral oil BP or Carbomer gel, depending on the application/wound requirement. The activated silver compound is powerful yet completely safe and is more effective than colloidal silver.

The (Ag4+®) compound will not stain skin and is not light sensitive. Years of research went into the development of the gel’s effectiveness to inactivate fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Micro-organisms are becoming increasingly resistant towards antibiotics. While Antibiotics are excellent as an effective agent against bacteria, Silver is a multi-spectrum healer and effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts, protozoa and even algae, this makes Silver a formidable germ fighter a super anti-pathogen.

Silver can only be made in a sophisticated laboratory and not by electrolysis which produces colloidal silver. Colloidal Silver is silver particles and low valence (1+) ions only, it is useful for certain applications. The Activated Silver (4+) are pure high valent ions which are active and safe and slowly released where needed. The product is a

The effective type of Silver is the silver cation or positively charged ion. This silver is oligodynamic and exerts an electrical charge which electrocutes pathogens during redox reactions, the cation binds to DNA and other ligands (sulfhydral groups) of cell membranes and cell walls of pathogens to effectively neutralise or inactivate them. This unique silver formulation is effective because it attacks on more than one front so that micro-organisms cannot develop a resistance to its activity which is often a problem with antibiotic resistance.

Silver has been known for many centuries to have medicinal properties. Research: Russel & Hugo 1994 Lansdowne 2002 Bowler 2001 Hoffmann 1984 Wright 1999 Montes 1986 etc.

A truly a remarkable product. WONDERSILV AG+4® WOUND HEALING GEL is like a second Immune System put in place topically.


  • Activated Silver Ag+4; Nano Silver Engineered.
  • Purified Water
  • Carbomer
  • No Nitrate, Menthol, Sulphur, or Alginate Components
  • No Alcohol
  • Non-flammable Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Staining

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