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Bulk Offer Gut Cleanse & Health Support Combo Package

Bulk Offer Gut Cleanse & Health Support Combo Package

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Experience optimal health with a simple 3-step, 3-product "combo" from Imsyser Health Products. Whether you're healthy or facing health challenges, our products may assist by addressing underlying issues. Effective immunity begins with a healthy gut.
Discover Imsyser's 3-Step Health regimen for optimal well-being. Recognizing that 95% of diseases originate in the intestinal tract, we initiate the 3-STAGE HEALING process with THE FIRST STEP a thorough cleanse using Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse (150g powder).
This blend of 100% natural herbs and fibre gently softens and cleanses the entire intestinal tract, removing accumulated mucoidal plaque, facilitating better nutrient absorption into cells, and eliminating waste. The NEXT STEP involves Imsyser's Probiotic (500ml Liquid), a blend of 12 essential strains of good bacteria and enzymes. This supports gut health, alleviating issues such as IBS and promoting overall well-being.
Completing the regimen is THE FINAL STEP: Immune System Stabilizer (120 tablets), sealing optimal immune and cellular health. Each Imsyser product can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive health kit, addressing symptoms while targeting the root cause of disease.
UNIQUE - 100% NATURAL - PROUDLY SA PRODUCT. Developed in 2004 as part of clinical trials conducted at Stellenbosch University. Benefits  that might be experienced: 
Daily cellular detox
Ultimate immune support
Visible results
Natural energy booster
All essentials: vitamins, minerals, amino acids & omegas
Auto-immune support product
Superior wholefood supplements suitable for all ages

Special Offer:
3 x Imsyser 3 Step Health Kits Plus 1 Free.