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His&Hers Acne Gel 50ml

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Exclusive Skincare Range of products made for Acne Problem Skins. Benefits of the inclusion of WondersilV Proprietary Blend Activated Silver in our Aloe Acne Blend, with the following properties. May help with:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory infections.
  2. Anti-Bacterial.
  3. Destroys Candida.
  4. Anti-Viral & related infections via magnetic disruption.
  5. 120 ppm vs 20ppm of Colloidal Silver
  6. Does not harm healthy bacteria or disturb microbiome.
  7. Non-Toxic. Safe to use all ages.
  8. No preservatives and additives, flavourants or colourants.


Suggested Application.

Apply freely after cleansing morning and night for optimal performance and dab acne or wounds freely in between cleansing with aggravated inflammation cases. Avoid eye contact. In case of accidental contact rinse eye with water.

Keep below 25 degrees and out of direct sunlight.

No preservatives were added as the product is self-preserving. All Natural.

  • Aloe provides Elasticity to the skin
  • improves moisture retention; also helps fights infection and inflammation
  • promotes cell renewal within the skin by eight times.