Nucleo Superfood Shake Range (Bulk Offer)

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We really believe that you and I deserve at least one affordable, super healthy meal, every day, and that is exactly why we are manufacturing the Superfood NUCLEO

Nucleo is a well-balanced, high fat, high protein, low GI Carb, meal replacement shake/smoothie.

  • Formulated by a medical & anti-aging specialist
  • Free from sugar
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from dairy
  • Free from chemical preservatives
  • It provides sustained energy
  • It improves concentration
  • It provides extraordinary capacity to fight disease

Nucleo® is so unique, that no other shake or porridge in South Africa:

  • Combines 43 nutritional ingredients which includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega oils, antioxidants, protein and carbohydrates the body needs to ensure sustained energy release, improved concentration and reduced fatigue and illness, while gradually fortifying the Immune System.
  • Applies specific natural, nutritional techniques to nurture, recover and heal the intestine and therefore ensuring optimal absorption of all the ingredients into the bloodstream,
  • Contains three of the most powerful natural antioxidants known to man; Spirulina, Colostrum and Omega 3 which together suppress viruses, kill bad bacteria and stop Diarrhoea. Each of these ingredients has a tremendous international scientific track record in their own capacity.

 Why is Nucleo necessary?

Nucleo®’s focus to nurture and restore the intestine, ensuring optimal absorption of all its ingredients.

Intensive scientific approach:

Nucleo®, is the result of five years of research and laboratory testing by medical doctor and nutritionist Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg between 2002 and 2007. It was registered with the Medical Control Council of SA as a nutritional supplement under the Complimentary medicine act in 2007.

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 Since 2007 Nucleo® has been distributed in factories, orphanages, health shops, through dietitians and distributors all of whom have a personal testimony of Nucleo®’s impact in their lives. We have received positive feedback from a wide spectrum of people all over South Africa as well as from the UK, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Canada with the following outcomes being reported:

  • Better blood glucose control for diabetics,
  • Reported reduction in the severity of chemotherapy side effects in cancer clients,
  • Reported improvement in children suffering from leaky gut syndrome and allergies,
  • Reduction in symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon),
  • Reported reduction in severity and duration of acute infectious diseases,
  • General improvement in chronically ill and elderly people,
  • Reduced fatigue and nausea reported by pregnant women,
  • Favourable feedback from breastfeeding women,
  • Increased energy and concentration levels in factory workers,
  • Significant self-reported improvement in general condition in individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS,
  • Increased energy and quick recovery reported by endurance athletes such as mountain bikers, ‘Comrades Marathon’ runners, and ‘Ironman’ athletes.


You can drink only 1 scoop (25 g) per day and feel the full impact of Nucleo® because of its phenomenal absorption benefits. At less than R 10.00/day that is cheaper than a coke without considering that you treat yourself with 1000% better nutrition!

Even at 50 g (providing all the vitamins/minerals/amino acids/antioxidants/omega 3 oils and protein your body needs daily) at less than R 20, Nucleo® is still cheaper than any junk food meal whether a hamburger or pizza - even if you would make it yourself!

Remember there are so many different nutrients in a 50 g serving of Nucleo® that if that 50 g were to be encapsulated as different ingredients, it would amount to 40 capsules or more!

Imagine the hassle of drinking 4 capsules every day, never mind 40!

Imagine the time and effort to travel to 5 or more different health shops or pharmacies to find all these capsules.

Nucleo® ensures optimal absorption

A healthy intestine is simply priceless! 

Since 2007 hundreds of families enjoy Nucleo as a daily super food-on-the-go. And reaping a medicine free lifestyle. 

Best Tips from The Imsyser Team

  • For best results take with the Imsyser Probiotic.
  • May also be taken 1:1 with the Imsyser Geva Meal Replacement