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Imsyser Liquid Silver Immune Pro 50ml

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Benefits IMSYSER LIQUID IMMUNE PRO vs Colloidal Silver

 LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO benefits: This product may help with:

  1. Parasitic infections
  2. Destroys Candida.
  3. Supports Autoimmune diseases.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory infections.
  5. Supports Cancer.
  6. Supports Respiratory diseases.
  7. Anti-Viral & related infections via magnetic disruption.
  8. LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO vs Colloidal Silver - 120 ppm vs 20ppm
  9. Ninety-nine percent of the Silver leaves the body in 24 hours; excreted with no harmful metabolites.
  10. Does not harm healthy bacteria or disturb microbiome.
  11. Safe to use with Antibiotics.
  12. Does not affect your DNA.
  13. Non-Toxic. Safe to use all ages.
  14. No preservatives and additives, flavourants or colourants.
  15. Safe for vegans.

 A Short Introduction

This amazing product was developed with Nano technology to create clusters of silver deposits (4 atoms of Silver and four atoms of Oxygen), also known AG4O4, in an existing 'colloidal' silver state (distilled water) with incredible results - a product far more potent than you average normal Colloidal Silver. A mere understanding of Quantum Science explains the exponential deposits as opposed to normal production of a simple Colloidal Silver. 

LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO versus Colloidal Silver.


Understanding Dosage ratio between protocols

  • You cannot overdose.
  • Can be used topically or internally as well be used in a nebuliser or even injected in extreme cases of ill-health.
  • Does not interact with any current medication prescription medication.
  • As a natural product there are no added toxic compounds that would negatively impact the human body.

Silver, as it is known, cannot be concentrated without the use of agents such as proteins or ions because they all carry the same electrical charges (like repel and opposites attract) which is why pure colloidal silver will never exceed 20-30ppm (parts per million). This is merely a chemical process; one silver atom and one Oxygen atom.

This also means that to take medicinally relevant doses of colloidal silver you would have to drink about fifty litres of it a week, the water alone would make you sick not to mention the fact that at those volumes you would certainly get Argyria (blue skin) because of the innate properties of colloidal and the FDA has published guidelines to this effect.

The working properties of LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO have taken the silver molecule and re-engineered it, given it quantum properties. Quantum refers to an object that can be in two places at once.

Four Silver atoms and four Oxygen atoms are engineered with the patented method of LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO. One Silver atom is missing three electrons and the other, one electron. In the process of trying to balance itself out the high energy particle is in what he calls a state of flux between the two atoms giving it catalytic capabilities. This high electro-chemical charge is what is engineered to shock the pathogen, a catalytic process and destroy the pathogen in the process.

This electro-chemical resonance is what destroys the pathogens, and the small Nano size allows for easy access into red blood cells to be transported throughout the body.

This same electro chemical disruption allows for viral disruption with the charged genetically incomplete viral molecules, preventing viral replication.

Far more effective than Colloidal silver which may be made at home where LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO is manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab. LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO contains   120ppm whereas Colloidal Silver is very seldom more than 30 ppm.


How to dispense the liquid:

The liquid is clear; twenty drops (one teaspoon or 2.5 ml) three times daily is all that is needed till good health is attained. Maintain with twenty drops one times daily thereafter.

Children should take half the dose of adults.

Babies should take quarter the dose of adults.

For any blood born pathogen and except for retro viruses one bottle normally does the job.

When considering a protocol, one should keep in mind that the life cycle of pathogens varies but are short lived so one week on max dose will rid the body thereof.

In some exceedingly rare cases there are a cornucopia of infections that have been prevalent for so long that the pathogens could be hiding anywhere, and intensive detox is needed.

Lung infections are more difficult because of the restricted blood flow. In most cases a week is all that is required. One bottle is recommended but two bottles will better fight the infection. Especially in the event of a more aggressive infections that the patient has been struggling with for some time. Upon completion of treatment. One will find that the patient has progressed and notice that the infection is cured or a vast improvement in leaps and bounds where it is suggested a second bottle be considered to ensure complete eradication of the infection.

TB infections will need to be treated over three months on max dose. This is still exceptional when compared to other treatments available and in some cases no treatment is available.

Retro viruses and auto immune disorders will require lifelong adherence. Not necessarily every day or even every week but some adherence like a bottle every month or two. Initially however it is recommended that 2 weeks on max dose to reduce inflammation and bring the pathogens under control. Thereafter one can repeat treatment as and when the budget allows.

Terminal HIV /Aids with multiple opportunistic infections max dose over several months is what is really needed but at least one dose a day will be effective. Again, this is a lifelong commitment to keeping healthy and LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO is the medication that can do it safely and effectively. Lifestyle changes are often the biggest hurdle to achieving health and re-infections.