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Imsyser Eye Drops 15ml

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Benefits may include: help in Parasitic infections in the eye as well as  tired red eye:

  1. Anti-Bacterial
  2. Anti-Fungal
  3. Non-Toxic.
  4. Safe to use all ages.
  5. Anti-viral

 A Short Introduction

This amazing product was developed with Nano technology to create clusters of silver deposits (4 atoms of Silver and four atoms of Oxygen), also known AG4O4, in an existing 'colloidal' silver state (distilled water) with incredible results - a product far more potent than you average normal Colloidal Silver. A mere understanding of Quantum Science explains the exponential deposits as opposed to normal production of a simple Colloidal Silver. 

Four Silver atoms and four Oxygen atoms are engineered with the patented method of LIQUID SILVER IMMUNE PRO. One Silver atom is missing three electrons and the other, one electron. In the process of trying to balance itself out the high energy particle is in what he calls a state of flux between the two atoms giving it catalytic capabilities. This high electro-chemical charge is what is engineered to shock the pathogen, a catalytic process and destroy the pathogen in the process.

Far more effective than Colloidal silver which may be made at home where LIQUID SILVER EYE DROPS is manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab.

How to dispense the liquid:

The liquid is clear; 1 drop three times daily is all that is needed till good eye health is attained. Slight burning might be experienced initially.