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Modern Probiotics help Modulate Gut Microbes

Natural host microbes

Most of your natural host microbes reside in the gastrointestinal tract, modulating every normal physiology process across all body systems. So, with no uncertainty we can say you are only as healthy as your gut is or potentially could be.

Any disruptions in the delicate balance of microbes within the gut is associated with various “dis-ease” states including neurologic disorders, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and even cancer. Until now medicine has advanced enough with baby steps introducing long-term probiotic usage for better health results, preferably with the daily intake of probiotics too manage the health best. In this case we are now talking past the point of just taking a probiotic to counter the effects of an anti-biotic; which sadly, still happens in most medical practices!!

Where, however, chronic cases represent itself and very slow or no change results because the mother culture has just been too disturbed, newer approaches must be tried and tested.  

Strategies to alter gut microbiota

“Faecal microbiota transplant” involves transfer of faecal microbiota from a healthy donor to another individual via two methods, either actual poop swop, or in some cases where particular or total species were introduced into tablets, from poop and similarly introduced from the donors side.  This together with diet, prebiotics, and postbiotics are needed to influence the overall microbial community.

This approach aims to restore a “healthy” gut microbial community. And with all honesty it is about time that single strain probiotics are seen for the season they were, past tense, of value. We are not and I repeat not a singular strand anything anywhere in the body. To date modern data suggests that a diverse microbial community with a high degree of functional redundancy is associated with better overall health and better overall outcomes for most disease states. If you think about it, we are literally a huge ‘microbiome’, mostly diverse, and totally interactive; why would you not re-introduce or tot-up daily with a similar functioning ‘product’ as is the case in the Imsyser Probiotic range.

With the Imsyser probiotic, on shelf for more than 10 years, the aim is to provide a consortia of microbes that can be reliably and consistently manufactured and administered to favourably modulate the gut microbiota to address gastrointestinal and systemic diseases. All of this at room temperature to mimic the gut and body temperature.  And most importantly, address the ability to cover a broad range of the total gut stretching from the mouth through to the lowest end of the gut  – and this can only be achieved by a liquid probiotic, instantly and easily bio-available every move of the way  into the body.

Not only is it the “live consortium effect” of the Imsyser Probiotic but also the ability to keep the organisms alive with enough food – prebiotics – too secure ongoing life of the supplement, on shelf. And more specifically, ensuring that the species are mutually interactive/complementary too each other, as mimicked within the gut, without destroying each other or competing with each other for a complete product too out-perform all its other competitors.

I have no doubt in my mind most are not aware of the true unique value-add of the Imsyser Probiotic brings to the table when it complies to all these specs/requirements mentioned thus far and in the process delivering of this diverse interactive microbe species -the resultant release of natural digestive enzymes, is simply another major value-add, compared to most probiotics on shelf.

What we are saying is that if your probiotic is not evolving you need too move on and Imsyser remains the best choice, I believe, by far.

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