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Micro-Toxic Load

Don’t Forget About Your Micro-Toxic Load

It is terribly difficult times when the world bends under the weight of a Pandemic and the one causal factor for the actual death rates, not the infection itself, is the potential of metabolic syndrome reducing the recipient’s body into  a compromised Immunity and therefore an “open door”, as such, to extreme vulnerability.

I believe one of the biggest reasons for this “open door” is a weakened Immune response through our compromised Microbiome in the Gut as well as those Microbiome throughout the various body systems elsewhere in the body. This fact, as well as the natural ‘dis eased’ processes resultant from toxicity is the compromised end-product, YOU, that takes the knock. Any weakened Immune response as well as toxicity overload from every imaginable angle and source, as well as the fact that even negative thoughts and chronic stress will eventually reduce all healthier Immune responses, leaves us terribly compromised in these darker times.

You are only as healthy as your healthiest Microbiome

Your very own healthiest microbiome and the specific newer understanding of the role of these organisms, literally ruling the body systems along the limbic system and vagal nerve systems system, now remains core to your healthiest Immune response and so too,  in the end, your healthiest emotional you. Health driven by these same micro-organisms supporting your Immunity is the core of it all. The circle of responses, either way, will always determine your healthiest version of you.

Your healthiest you never was a sum of the chronic meds but rather you ensuring your healthiest, most balanced version of you; void of compromised thoughts and emotions, which in turn are dependent of your healthiest microbiome, as driven though your healthiest gut. And, of course, your healthiest Immunity, must be void of any and all micro toxicity, supported by your healthiest microbiome and healthiest lifestyle choices.    

It’s time to learn all the ways toxins, medications and/or infections could be triggering your anxiety, triggering your imbalances and eventually allow for your healthiest ‘you’ to cope with times like these.

Reduce micro-toxicity through mould, heavy metals, Candida and underlying Bacterial, Fungal or Viral Infections

Imsyser Health has an array of products designed to do exactly that:  from the 2-3 week Imsyser Parasite Cleanse, through to the Imsyser 7-day Deep Intestinal Cleanse helps reduce this micro and macro-toxicity within the gut linings to best serve your gut health and Immunity. Supported by the Imsyser Chaya Range of products for all your heavy metal issues as well as the Geva Green-food Range, helps increase circulation as an extra health benefit too improved Immunity …..finally …..all the way through to natural Immune Support Products, like the Imsyser Immune Support Tablets developed without modern day toxic chemicals and additives, made from natural wholefood medicinal plants, improving and optimizing your healthiest Immunity for modern-day compromised times, by allowing for a gentle cellular detox whilst boosting your Energy levels and Natural Immunity.






Start to improve your lifestyle that until now was compromised because of the lack of exercise due to movement restrictions, and start the healiest version of your with increased observance of healthy living; more healthy water and better sleep patterns too ensure optimal health. Add a little sunshine to this equation; good healthy thoughts and you are set to go!  “Basics” were never more important than now. Try and change your thought processes to restructure your internal balances with the help of your good healthy microbiome; and pretty much, thereafter the body knows what to do going forward.

God created an amazing body capable of much;  taking many “knocks” before it eventually starts to ‘fold’, and is quite accommodating in the worst of times. Don’t add to the misery of allowing for your healthiest version of you to be optimised, thus not allowing your very best output, going forward. Natural energy, for every day, was never this simple to attain and at Imsyser health we aim too serve you in this regard. Simply call us 086 010 3859