School Combo

School Combo

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Re-usable 3 ply Polyester Washable Face Mask (with nose clip) Proudly South African for school children with 50 ml sanitizer in combo.


Washable Re-usable 3-ply Face Mask

Proudly South African Re-usable 3 ply Polyester Washable Face Mask. Help reduce the spread whilst self-healing as the ACTIVATED SILVER is activated within the soft inner for healthier breathing.

Also stop droplet type infection since the outer layer also contains ACTIVATED SILVER embedded and stitched into this solid layer. This makes the mask anti-viral, killing the virus immediately on contact. The treated polyester material is also hydro-phobic (water-repellent) thus repelling any moisture be it body fluid, blood or other.


Washed and tested up to 200 times providing usage for +/- 6-12 months. Also, highly affordable based on re-usage.

Available in 2 Sizes - Adults 9 years & up & smaller size for children

All certifications

May be branded - can endure extreme heat to do such. 

Classic Guard Sanitizer 50ml

Waterless hand sanitizer 70% alcohol Proven to be effective against the spread of Covid-19, Ebola and Cholera Kills 99% of germs on contact