IMSYSER Agents for 100% Natural XGel Tooth Gel

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IMSYSER 100% NATURAL X-Gel Solution (Toothpaste)
Your 100% Natural Solution to Dental Cleansing

X-Gel Solution (Toothpaste) is used to clean gums and teeth and reduce the build-up of harmful biofilm in all ages. Contains no fluoride, detergents, grit, colourants, preservatives. Tastes great & encourages hygiene!!!


  • X-gel has been formulated to give the minimum daily amount of Xylitol required for dental benefits.
  • X-gel also contains calcium and phosphate to promote healthy teeth and gums. Unlike toothpaste X-gel is safe to swallow - no need to rinse.


Contains no fluoride, detergents, grit, colourants, preservatives.

Tastes great and encourages good oral hygiene practices!!


How to Use X-Gel 

How to Use X-Gel in Infants

X-gel (Gel Solution) is applied with finger/sponge/gauze and is used for the cleaning of infants’ mouths from birth. Xylitol has been shown to be effective in the suppression of oral Candida, ‘teething’ discomforts, middle ear infections and has profound dental benefits. Use to clean gums and teeth and reduce the build-up of harmful biofilm, a major cause of tooth-decay.

Unlike other toothpastes, X-gel is safe to swallow - no need to rinse. Babies and young children can be put back on your lap and helped with their brushing. Doing this in a comfortable and controlled manner without the fear of swallowing the toothpaste. X-gel reduces the ability of plaque to attach to the tooth surfaces, resulting in a thin plaque build-up which is easily removed.

X-Gel for the Elderly & Disabled

X-gel is not just for babies. Also great for under dentures, angular cheilitis, bite plates, retainers and patients using medications which dry the mouth (Asthma, antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-epileptic medicines, some antipsychotics, beta-blockers, antidepressants, 'water tablets' (diuretics) and some Parkinson's medications etc.).

Ideal for quadriplegics’, physically disabled, special needs and elderly patients where effective brushing is difficult to achieve. 

Tastes great and encourages good oral hygiene care.

X-gel may be used for all ages, adults included especially the health conscious that would like to avoid all the chemical additives including fluoride.



X-Gel Ingredients:

X-Gel's Xylitol is sourced from only the finest Birch trees where sustainable forestry and fair labour are practiced.

Produced to the stringent EU manufacturing and quality standards assures you of a consistent premier quality Xylitol.

Imsyser is a dedicated agent for this product.