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Minny Cup

Minny Cup

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About our Minny Cup

Minny cup is available in two sizes that are very easily distinguished. It is manufactured in South Africa from top quality dye-free medical grade silicone that complies with the strict requirement of the healthcare-sector. The imported silicone is tested according to selected ISO 10993 test and USP class VI.  This ensures that if a woman wants to wear it all day it is completely safe to do so.

What makes Minny cup superior to all other menstrual cups is the optimized geometry. The double rim design allow for an extra soft cup that is firm enough to prevent leakage during all activities including running, cycling and swimming, but also makes it very easy to insert and remove which is crucial for younger girls using it for the first time. With grip rings and an extra-long ball stem, Minny cup is one of the easiest cups to use. The 6 large air holes make it easier to remove and clean. Minny cup also has rotational symmetry, thus has no orientation, which makes inserting and positioning easier.

Minny cup is sold with a sterilizing jar that makes the cleaning and storage of the product extremely convenient. It also comes with a well-designed and informative leaflet that enables the user to teach them how to use it.

Minny cup is also busy building a Facebook community that is again focused not on selling but on education. The aim has always been to make Minny cup as easy and effortless as possible.

Material and Manufacturing

Minny Cup is made in an ISO9001 rated facility from high-quality, dye-free silicone rubber compound that complies with the strict requirements of the healthcare-sector. The imported silicone is tested according to selected ISO 10993 tests and USP class VI, and thus also fullfill the healthcare-sector’s high safety standards.

Minny cup is also in the process of getting medically registered with the appropriate councils and we are also looking into getting independent medical trails set up.

Dye-free silicone was selected because it further reduces the risk of unwanted chemicals in the human body and allow for visual inspection for foreign bodies allowing for better quality control. Silicone was also chosen because it is hypoallergenic and does not promote bacterial growth.  Dye-free means that there are no additional chemicals that can be absorbed by the body and it also allows the cup to be visually inspected for foreign bodies after being manufactured.  The smooth surface finish ensures that the Minny Cup can be easily inserted, removed and cleaned.


Minny Cup has a double rim design for an extra soft cup that is firm enough to prevent leakage. Designed for active women in mind, Minny Cup allows the wearer to run, cycle and swim with complete confidence.

With grip rings and an extra-long ball stem, Minny Cup is one of easiest cups to use. The grip rings allow the user to grip the cup positively while the extra-long stem gives first time users confidence in the cup. The stem can later be trimmed to the desired length. The stem is also solid to ensure the product can be cleaned properly and not harbour harmful bacteria.

The 6 large air holes make it easier to remove. They are big enough to actually see through, again ensuring that the cup can be cleaned properly.

Minny Cup has rotational symmetry. This means it has no orientation which makes inserting and positioning it a lot easier.

The contour was optimized for maximum volume while still allowing for easy insertion and removal.

Depending on the wearers flow, Minny Cup can be safely used for up to 12 hours and thus ensures a full day of work or full nights rest without needing to change it.

Minny Cup as identification rings on the inside to allow people with poor vision to identity the size of the cup by only using touch (unique feature). The size 1 cup has one ring while the size 2 cup has 2.


Minny Cup is one of the most affordable feminine hygiene products on the market with zero compromise on quality. Even compared to other menstrual cups that are currently available locally and internationally, it is still the most cost effective with the most unique features and, as far as we know, the only one that is distributed with its own sterilizing jar.

More environmentally friendly

Because Minny Cup can be reused, it means that the wearer leaves a lighter footprint on the environment and the silicone itself is environmentally friendly. The cup, if properly cleaned and stored, can be reused for up to 5 years! Compared to tampons and pads where the average woman disposes around 125 – 150kg of tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime.

5 Reasons why a menstrual cup is better for a woman’s body

  1. A Menstrual cup does not interfere with the vaginal environment. Tampons absorb around 35% of natural vaginal moisture. This creates an imbalance of moisture and pH levels within the vagina. Minny cup allows the menstrual fluid to naturally flow into the bell. The smooth surface allows the mucous membranes to continue their essential cleansing and protective functions.
  2. Unlike tampons, there are no fibres or any other foreign bodies that gets deposited during use on the vaginal wall.
  3. Menstrual cups have not been associated with toxic shock syndrome.
  4. Minny cup contains no colourants, bleaches, deodorizers or absorbency gels which means it is safer for the environment but more importantly, it will not cause irritation and can be used by woman with thrush, eczema or allergies.
  5. In the long run, Minny cup is far more cost effective because it is reusable. The initial investment may be higher than a packet of tampons or pads, but within a short period of time, the monthly expense is greater than the once off purchase of the cup.