Disinfectant Aerosol Room Fogger (Fragranced) 300ml

Disinfectant Aerosol Room Fogger (Fragranced) 300ml

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Professional Disinfectant Aerosol Room Fogger is made up of 98% ethyl alcohol manufactured for total sanitation of all areas in aerosol format. The World Health Organization requires 70% alcohol for effective sanitizationAn extremely powerful disinfecting product, in a convenient fogger application. We have added two additional actives to the aerosol fogger, which ensures total disinfection and provide residual disinfection to the surfaces. This means that once the alcohol has evaporated, the other additives remain on the surface to continuously disinfect until washed or rubbed away.

  • Rapid disinfecting action
  • Total release aerosol
  • Broad spectrum bacterial
  • Viricidal and fungicidal
  • Food safe (fragrance-free also available) 

Click here to download a PDF with full information on Imsyser Professional Aerosol Disinfectant Room Fogger (98% Alcohol)

N-, N-Dialkyl-N,Ndimethylammonium

bicarbonate/carbonate 1%

Glutaraldehyde 1%